Employment at the Grove

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If you’re interested in managing, maintaining and developing school grounds and related facilities, this vacancy will provide you an opportunity.

This is an ideal position for an early retired person or a young person who would like to further experience in facilities management.

Please email Applications to erika@thegrove.co.za

The main focus areas include:

  • Ensure that facilities and grounds are well managed, maintained and cleaned;
  • Implement up-grades and new developments as directed;
  • Implement safety and security requirements;
  • Manage vehicle fleet (diesel and petrol);
  • Provide general support (including venue hire support);
  • Over-see external supplier contracts and contractors;
  • Inventory and stock management;
  • Support staff oversight.


Candidate requirements:

  • Grade 12;
  • PDP Driver’s licence;
  • South African citizen;
  • Police clearance;,
  • At least 3 years‘ trade experience in related industries.



To apply please complete the application form available on our website www.thegrove.co.za under “Employment” and submit to employment@thegrove.co.za

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